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Rhabdomyolysis caused by cocaine abuse is multifactorial, involving tissue ischemia secondary to vasoconstriction and cellular damage caused by the drug. Renal failure may or may be not associated to rhabdomyolysis. We report a 41-year-old male admitted with a severe rhabdomyolysis after a cocaine overdose. In spite of a vigorous hydration and alkalization,(More)
BACKGROUND Right atrium function and ventricular function have significant prognostic value in pulmonary arterial hypertension patients. Acute changes in right ventricular synchrony and right atrium function postiloprost inhalation have not been evaluated. METHODS Cross-sectional study. Consecutive pulmonary arterial hypertension patients (group I from(More)
Results Ischemic or dilated cardiomyopathy were the main indications (23(43%) each), age 48+13 years and 48(91%) were male. Transplant listing Status: IA 14(26%)(VAD or 2 inotropes), IB 14(26%)(1 inotrope) and II 25 (47%) (no inotrope). Mean waiting time 70+83 days. Twelve (24%) were transplanted during VAD support (median support: 36 days). Operative(More)
Background Durable mechanical support devices are prohibitively expensive in our health system and may be unsuitable for critically ill patients. CentriMag is an alternative bridge to transplantation or recovery. Methods We retrospectively reviewed 28 patients (23 males) aged 13-60 years who received CentriMag support. The etiology was ischemic in 13 (46%),(More)
Implantable ventricular assist devices are an effective treatment option for end-stage heart failure patients as a bridge to cardiac transplantation, to improve the clinical condition and organ function allowing discharge from the hospital to await for transplantation. The second alternative is to use the device as destination therapy for patients with(More)
OBJECTIVES Heart failure (HF) is associated with changes in myocardial metabolism that lead to impairment of contractile function. Trimetazidine (TMZ) modulates cardiac energetic efficiency and improves outcomes in ischemic heart disease. We evaluated the effects of TMZ on left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), cardiac metabolism, exercise capacity, O2(More)
BACKGROUND Frailty is a geriatric syndrome characterized by a progressive impairment in the subjects’ ability to respond to environmental stress. Frailty is more commonly found in heart failure (HF) patients than in general population and it is an independent predictor of rehospitalization, emergency room visits and death. AIM To estimate the prevalence(More)
INTRODUCTION Heart transplantation is the therapy of choice for advance heart failure. Our group developed two transplant programs at Instituto Nacional del Tórax and Clínica Dávila. We report our clinical experience based on distinctive clinical policies. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifty-three consecutive patients were transplanted between November 2008 and(More)
BACKGROUND Pre-operative elevated pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR) has been associated with increased right ventricular failure and mortality after heart transplantation. The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of bosentan, an oral endothelin-receptor antagonist, to reduce PVR in patients considered ineligible for heart transplantation because(More)