Víctor Pedrera Carbonell

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OBJECTIVE To identify the characteristics of physicians and the patients on their list related with rates of influenza vaccination in older people, and to quantify influenza vaccination coverage in this population group. DESIGN Observational, cross-sectional, multicenter population-based study with primary data. PARTICIPANTS All health centers in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure with primary data the kinds of family doctor consultations, the reasons for them and the interruptions. DESIGN Observational, transversal, and multi-centred study. SETTING All the health centres in Area 17 of the Community of Valencia. PARTICIPANTS Representative sample of 2051 patients belonging to 20 family medicine lists at the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the proportion of older patients (>or= 65 years) with chronic diseases served by the health center studied here who were not vaccinated during the 2001-2002 influenza vaccination campaign, and to find out why they were not vaccinated. DESIGN Observational, descriptive, retrospective study. SETTING The urban health center serving(More)
PURPOSE Analysis of the validity of the non-mydriatic camera in detecting diabetic retinopathy and severity levels which can be referred to the ophthalmologist. Analysis of risk indicators of diabetic retinopathy which help increase the sensitivity of the screening: development time of prolonged diabetes (more than 20 years); poor metabolic control (HbA1C >(More)