Víctor Palacios

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Although animals can be immunized against the growth of some tumor implants, most of the attempts to use immunotherapy to cause the regression of animal and human tumors once they have become established have been disappointing even when strongly immunogenic tumors were used as target. In this paper, we demonstrate that the failure to achieve an efficient(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the influence of certain factors on the resveratrol content of Palomino fino grapes, cultivated in the Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry area, at the moment of harvest. The results show that the resveratrol content is highly influenced by the climatic conditions prior to the period of maturation of the fruit. On the other hand,(More)
The work described here concerns a study of the chemical and biochemical transformations in sherry vinegar during the different aging stages. The main factors that contribute to the nature and special characteristics of sherry vinegar are the raw sherry wine, the traditional process of acetic acid fermentation in butts (the solera system), and the(More)
In the Jerez region, the sherry winemaking process involves a stage of aging carried out in a dynamic system known as "soleras" and "criaderas". In the case of fino sherry, this aging takes place in the presence of a yeast film growing on the surface of the wine, which gives it a very specific character. In this work, the influence of the sherry elaboration(More)
Biological aging is a key step in the production of Sherry wine classified as "fine". During this stage, a film of yeast referred to as "flor velum" covers the surface of the wine and substantially alters its characteristics. Other microorganisms may coexist with flor yeasts, such as lactic acid bacteria and non-Saccharomyces yeasts, whose growth may be(More)
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