Víctor Olivares

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This paper presents an effective approach to simultaneous solution of capacitor setting and feeder reconfiguration for power-energy loss reduction and voltage profile enhancement in radial distribution systems. An optimization method using a Genetic Algorithm is proposed to determine the optimal selection size, location, type and number of fixed or switched(More)
It is known that the data preparation phase is the most time consuming in the data mining process, using up to 50 % or up to 70 % of the total project time. Currently, data mining methodologies are of general purpose and one of their limitations is that they do not provide a guide about what particular task to develop in a specific domain. This paper shows(More)
In many manufacturing plants, there is a major problem in the internal logistics due to the high number of products, machines, and routes, especially in those manufacturing plants that produce low weight products. For example, a manufacturer of plastic is used as a reference model. In this situation, the final product, storage boxes for home of various(More)
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