Víctor Martín Pérez

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BACKGROUND The protease-activated receptor (PAR1) expression is correlated with the degree of invasiveness in cell lines. Nevertheless it has never been directed involved in breast cancer patients progression. The aim of this study was to determine whether PAR1 expression could be used as predictor of metastases and mortality. METHODS In a cohort of(More)
Objective To obtain an engineering position in the industry that involves research and product development, where strong leadership, creativity and international experience can be applied. • Conduct research in the area of optimization, simulation-based design and optimization using a distributed environment. • Supervised four undergraduate research(More)
In the literature about strategy, non-profit's strategies have not been considered in depth. The reason underneath is related to the thought that nonprofits do not have any strategy at all. However, as Mintzberg et al. argues (1998), strategies could be deliberate or emergent and, then, not explicitly formulated. In this paper, we try to evaluate the(More)
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