Víctor Macías-Carranza

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Bahía San Quintín is a coastal lagoon with large Ulva biomass and upwelling influence. Previous observations suggest that Ulva has increased recently as a result of oyster cultivation. To evaluate the possible role of Ulva as a temporary nutrient sink, biomass and tissue C, N, and P were determined seasonally. Maximum biomass was present during spring and(More)
The effect of the use of treated wastewater on the growth of cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes from the Guadalupe Valley, Mexico was evaluated. Secondary advanced effluent was used to irrigate the grapevines at a rate of 66 L/vine/week. Wastewater quality results confirmed that all parameters complied with Mexican legislation for crop irrigation as well(More)
Seaweeds growing in the intertidal zone are exposed to fluctuating nitrate and ultraviolet radiation (UVR) levels. While it has been shown that elevated UVR levels and the decrease of nitrate concentration can reduce photosynthetic levels in seaweeds, less is known about the combined effect of nitrate levels and UVR on metabolism and photoprotection(More)
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