Víctor M. Saavedra-Alanís

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Epigenetic mechanisms are crucial to regulate the expression of different genes required for neuronal plasticity. Neurotoxic substances such as arsenic, which induces cognitive deficits in exposed children before any other manifestation of toxicity, could interfere with the epigenetic modulation of neuronal gene expression required for learning and memory.(More)
Expression of the C-terminal third of chicken gizzard caldesmon in Escherichia coli, using the Nagai vector (Nagai, K., and Thøgersen, H.V. (1987) Methods Enzmol. 153, 461-481), produces a cII-caldesmon fusion protein (27 kDa) with caldesmon sequence beginning at Lys579. Degradation during purification yields five peptides with molecular masses of 24, 22,(More)
Knowledge of the existence of filaggrin (FLG) gene mutations might be helpful for a subclassification of patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) which can be used to introduce individualized treatments. In this work the filaggrin content in the skin is assessed using Raman spectroscopy and the results are compared to FLG genotyping of Mexican-mestizo patients.(More)
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