Víctor Llorenç

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Recently, different genetic variants located within the IL2/IL21 genetic region as well as within both IL2RA and IL2RB loci have been associated to multiple autoimmune disorders. We aimed to investigate for the first time the potential influence of the IL2/IL21, IL2RA and IL2RB most associated polymorphisms with autoimmunity on the endogenous non-anterior(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess antibody levels against human herpesvirus type 6 (HHV-6), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), and Chlamydia pneumoniae (CP) in serum from individuals in the early and late phase of MS. RESULTS A strong association was found between anti-HHV-6 immunoglobulin M antibodies and early MS (clinically isolated syndromes at high risk for MS, and short(More)
PURPOSE To describe the clinical characteristics and to assess visual prognosis of patients with syphilis-associated uveitis in northern Spain. METHODS Retrospective review of clinical records in eight general uveitis referral centers. RESULTS Since the year 2000, 50 patients have been diagnosed: 31 men and 19 women; median age was 41 (19-76) years. A(More)
Over the past decade, the off-label use of biologic agents such as TNF-α antagonists, including infliximab and adalimumab, has improved the treatment armamentarium for refractory immune-mediated uveitis, with particular success in Behçet disease-associated uveitis. Golimumab is a novel fully human anti-TNF-α monoclonal antibody that has been approved for(More)
This retrospective study investigated the efficacy of tocilizumab (TCZ), a fully humanized antibody that binds both to soluble and membrane bound IL-6 receptors, for the treatment of uveitis-related cystoid macular edema (CME) refractory to immunomodulatory therapy. Five refractory patients with uveitis-related CME who received TCZ between January and(More)
Dear Editor, Retinal vasoproliferative tumors (VPRTs) are highly vascularised masses of the neuro-sensory retina. These benign tumours have been classified as idiopathic or secondary. This secondary type has been associated with predisposing lesions such as pars planitis or other inflammatory events [1]. In some cases, visual acuity may be profoundly(More)
OBJECTIVE To report the long-term efficacy and safety of the interleukin-6 receptor antagonist tocilizumab for refractory uveitis-related macular edema (ME). DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. PARTICIPANTS Eyes with uveitis seen at a single tertiary referral center for which ME was the principal cause of reduced visual acuity. METHODS Data were(More)
The aim of this study was to quantify the proportion of regulatory T cells (Treg ) and cytokine expression by peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in patients with active non-infectious uveitis, and to evaluate the effect of in-vitro treatment with infliximab, dexamethasone and cyclosporin A on Treg levels and cytokine production in PBMCs from uveitis(More)
OBJECTIVE Nocardiosis is difficult to diagnose and infrequently associated with bronchiectasis or cystic fibrosis. This study analyzes the clinical and microbiological characteristics of 40 patients in whom microorganisms belonging to the Nocardia asteroides complex were isolated. METHODS We studied 27 males and 13 females, with a mean age of 45 years(More)