Víctor Hugo

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Rapid evolution of real-time and embedded systems (RTES) is continuing at an increasing rate, and new methodologies and design tools are needed to reduce design complexity while decreasing development costs and integrating aspects such as verification and validation. Model-Driven Engineering offers an interesting solution to the above mentioned challenges(More)
  • Marc Pottersa, Jean-Philippe Bouchaudab, Dragan Sestovica, Víctor Hugo
  • 2000
We propose a new ‘hedged’ Monte-Carlo (HMC) method to price nancial derivatives, which allows to determine simultaneously the optimal hedge. The inclusion of the optimal hedging strategy allows one to reduce the nancial risk associated with option trading, and for the very same reason reduces considerably the variance of our HMC scheme as compared to(More)
During the analysis of a visual scene, top-down processing is constantly directing the subject's attention to the zones of interest in the scene. The contextual cueing paradigm developed by Chun and Jiang (1998) shows how contextual regularities can facilitate the search for a particular element via implicit learning mechanisms. The study presented here(More)
We introduce an extension of -calculus, called label-selective calculus, in which arguments of functions are selected by labels. The set of labels includes numeric positions as well as symbolic keywords. While the latter enjoy free commutation, the former must comply with relative precedence in order to preserve currying. This extension of -calculus is(More)
– We critically review recent claims that financial crashes can be predicted using the idea of log-periodic oscillations or by other methods inspired by the physics of critical phenomena. In particular, the October 1997 “correction” does not appear to be the accumulation point of a geometric series of local minima. It is rather tempting to see financial(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the construction of a retrieval structure during reading, according to the hypothesis that text macrostructure is used in Long-term working memory (Ericsson & Kintsch, 1995) to maintain encoded information in an accessible format. We first designed an experiment for testing the hypothesis that retrieval structure is(More)
Understanding why some exotic species become widespread and abundant in their colonized range is a fundamental issue that still needs to be addressed. Among many hypotheses, newly established host populations may benefit from a "parasite release" through impoverishment of their original parasite communities or reduced infection levels. Moreover, the fitness(More)