Víctor Calvo-Pérez

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The trimer [Co3(mu-OOCCF3)4(mu-H2O)2(OOCCF3)2(H2O)2(C4H8O2)].2C4H8O2. (1) is composed of three tetragonally distorted Co(II) centers bridged by four trifluoroacetates and two bridging water molecules. 1,4-Dioxane is coordinated at a distance of 2.120(3) A from the terminal cobalt Co2; the remaining oxygen of this 1,4-dioxane links the terminal cobalt to a(More)
Four novel cobalt(II) complexes mimicking metalloenzyme active sites, novel C(14)H(22)Cl(12)Co(2)O(13)·2C(3)H(8)O (1), C(28)H(36)Cl(24)Co(4)O(28)·4C(4)H(8)O(2) (2), C(16)H(22)Cl(12)Co(2)O(13)·C(2)HCl(3)O(2) (3), C(16)H(22)Cl(12)Co(2)O(13) (4), and one known C(40)H(78)Cl(8)Co(2)O(17) (5) are composed of the same core of two high-spin cobalt(II) centers(More)
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