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Several previous studies highlighted the importance of using field-collected soils-and not artificially-contaminated soils-for ecotoxicity tests. However, the use of field-collected soils presents several difficulties for interpretation of results, due to the presence of various contaminants and unavoidable differences in the physicochemical properties of(More)
The kinetics of N2O decomposition on Rh(111) single-crystal surfaces were investigated both experimentally by isothermal molecular beam measurements and theoretically using a Monte Carlo algorithm. The present work was directed to the understanding of two unusual observations derived from our previous work on this system, namely, (1) the lower rates for N2O(More)
The kinetics of the catalytic reduction of NO by CO on Rh(111) surfaces was investigated by using dynamic Monte Carlo simulations. Our model takes into account recent experimental findings and introduces relevant modifications to the classical reaction scheme, including an alternative pathway to produce N2 through an (N-NO)* intermediate, the formation of(More)
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