Víctor Ayala-Ramírez

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This article describes the localization function integrated in a landmark-based navigation system. It relies on the use of planar landmarks (typically, posters) to localize the robot. It is based on two periodic processes running at different frequencies. One of them performs the poster tracking (based on the partial Haus-dorff distance) and the active(More)
— This paper describes how to integrate tracking functions on a mobile robot. Tracking is required during autonomous robot navigation in different situations: landmark tracking to guarantee real-time robot localization, target tracking for a sensor based motion or obstacle tracking to control an obstacle avoidance procedure. These objects-landmarks,(More)
Texture periodicity and texture element (texel) size are important characteristics for texture recognition and discrimination. In this paper, an approach to determine both, texture periodicity and texel size, is proposed. Our method is based on the entropy, a texture measure computed from the Sum and Difference Histograms. The entropy value is sensitive to(More)