Véronique Paradis

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Polar body extrusion (PBE) is the specialized asymmetric division by which oocytes accomplish reduction in ploidy and retention of cytoplasm. During maternal gametogenesis, as in male meiosis and mitosis, cytokinesis is accomplished by a ring rich in active Rho, myosin, and formin-nucleated F-actin [1-7]. However, unlike mitosis, wherein the contractile(More)
Entry inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus, type 1 (HIV-1) have been the focus of much recent research. C34, a potent fusion inhibitor derived from the HR2 region of gp41, was engineered into a 1:1 human serum albumin conjugate through stable covalent attachment of a maleimido-C34 analog onto cysteine 34 of albumin. This bioconjugate, PC-1505, was(More)
The cystatin protein superfamily is characterized by the presence of conserved sequences that display cysteine protease inhibitory activity (e.g., towards cathepsins). Type 1 and 2 cystatins are encoded by 25 genes of which 23 are grouped in 2 clusters localized on mouse chromosomes 16 and 2. The expression and essential roles of most of these genes in(More)
Attention to a visual target can affect perception of a subsequent target for half a second, increasing its sensitivity to backward masking (the attentional blink, AB). In 6 studies, we compared the AB when the second target and its mask had a common onset and when the mask appeared after the target. The results indicate that common-onset masks do not(More)
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