Véronique Lespinet-Najib

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This study investigates the compensatory impact of cognitive aids on left and right temporal lobe epileptic patients suffering from verbal memory disorders, who were candidates for surgery. Cognitive aids are defined in the levels-of-processing framework and deal with the depth of encoding, the elaboration of information, and the use of retrieval cues.(More)
A better understanding of how users perform virtual reality (VR) tasks may help build better VR interfaces. In this study, we concentrated on the compensatory behavior in VR depending on the tasks and users' characteristics. The tasks characteristics considered were display size (large display vs. desktop monitor) and tasks types (manipulation and travel).(More)
This study investigates the role of the temporal lobes in levels-of-processing tasks (phonetic and semantic encoding) according to the nature of recall tasks (free and cued recall). These tasks were administered to 48 patients with unilateral temporal epilepsy (right "RTLE"=24; left "LTLE"=24) and a normal group (n=24). The results indicated that LTLE(More)
A better understanding of how users perform virtual relaity tasks may help to build better virtual reality interfaces. In this study, we concentrate on the impact of large displays in virtual reality depending on the tasks and users' characteristics. The two virtual reality tasks studied are the objects manipulation and the navigation in an environment. The(More)
This paper presents some experimental results on the comparison of users performance for different kinds of 3D interaction tasks (travel, manipulation), when using either a standard desktop display or a large immersive display. The main results of our experimentation are the following: first, not all users benefit similarly from the use of large displays,(More)
Haptics on a Touch Screen: Characterization of Perceptual Thresholds Camille Chauvelin, Thibaut Sagi, Philippe Coni, Jean-Marc André, Christophe Jauze & Véronique Lespinet-Najib a Department of Cognitics and Human Engineering, IMS Laboratory, University of Bordeaux, Talence, France b Thalès Avionics, Le Haillan, France Accepted author version posted online:(More)
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