Véronique Haegeli

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Mutations in cortex and grauzone cause abnormal arrest in Drosophila female meiosis. cortex was mapped to a 14 kb interval in 26F-27A by the male recombination mapping method. While these experiments mapped the gene accurately, they also illustrated some complexities of this method. Rescue results showed that a 2.8 kb genomic fragment from this interval was(More)
Laminins have dramatic and varied actions on neurons in vitro. However, their in vivo function in brain development is not clear. Here we show that knockout of laminin gamma1 in the cerebral cortex leads to defects in neuritogenesis and neuronal migration. In the mutant mice, cortical layer structures were disrupted, and axonal pathfinding was impaired.(More)
Epilepsy surgery for medically refractory seizures among patients with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is a well-accepted treatment option. Many epilepsy centers around the world have published their experience over the past several years, supporting the idea that the best seizure control is obtained when a single tuber and associated epileptogenic zone is(More)
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