Véronique Daële

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Rate coefficients for the gas-phase reactions of OH radicals with four unsaturated alcohols, 3-methyl-3-buten-1-ol (k1), 2-buten-1-ol (k2), 2-methyl-2-propen-1-ol (k3) and 3-buten-1-ol (k4), were measured using two different techniques, a conventional relative rate method and the pulsed laser photolysis-laser induced fluorescence technique. The Arrhenius(More)
The gas phase reactions of allyl alcohol with OH radicals and ozone have been investigated using different experimental systems. The rate coefficient for the OH reaction is reported in the temperature range 231-373 K, k(OH) = (5.7 +/- 0.2) x 10(-12) exp[(650 +/- 52)/T] cm3 molecule(-1) s(-1). This reaction is found to be pressure independent between 33 and(More)
The gas phase atmospheric degradation of diazinon has been investigated at the large outdoor European Photoreactor (EUPHORE) in Valencia, Spain. The rate constant for reaction of diazinon with OH radicals was measured using a conventional relative rate method with di-n-buthylether as reference compound being k = (3.5 ± 1.2) × 10⁻¹¹ cm³ molecule⁻¹ s⁻¹ at 302(More)
The gas phase reactions of selected alkenes (isoprene, myrcene, ocimene, and 1,3-cyclohexadiene) with NO2 under dark condition have been investigated at T ∼ 298 K and P ∼ 760 Torr of purified air. The kinetic studies were performed under pseudo-first-order conditions using a large excess of NO2 concentration to those of the alkenes. The rate coefficients(More)
The nitrogen oxides (NO(x)) decomposition on illuminated TiO(2) surfaces has been widely studied, but little is known about the subsequent formation of non-nitrogen containing products. In this study, TiO(2) coated glass surfaces and TiO(2) films with nitrate anions (either premixed with TiO(2) as KNO(3) or deposited from gaseous NO(x)) are irradiated with(More)
Within the framework of the European Life+-funded project PhotoPAQ (Demonstration of Photocatalytic remediation Processes on Air Quality), which was aimed at demonstrating the effectiveness of photocatalytic coating materials on a realistic scale, a photocatalytic de-polluting field site was set up in the Leopold II tunnel in Brussels, Belgium. For that(More)
The rate constants for the ozonolysis of isoprene (ISO), methacrolein (MACR) and methyl vinyl ketone (MVK) have been measured using the newly built large volume atmospheric simulation chamber at CNRS-Orleans (France), HELIOS (Chambre de simulation atmosphérique à irradiation naturelle d'Orléans). The OH radical yields from the ozonolysis of isoprene, MACR(More)
During the European Life+ project PhotoPAQ (Demonstration of Photocatalytic remediation Processes on Air Quality), photocatalytic remediation of nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone (O3), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and airborne particles on photocatalytic cementitious coating materials was studied in an artificial street canyon setup by comparing with a(More)
Two different experimental methods (relative rate and absolute rate methods) were used to measure the rate coefficients for the reactions of NO3 radical with six methacrylate esters: methyl methacrylate (MMA, k1), ethyl methacrylate (EMA, k2), propyl methacrylate (PMA, k3), isopropyl methacrylate (IPMA, k4), butyl methacrylate (BMA, k5), and isobutyl(More)
The assessment of the atmospheric impact of the potential foam expansion agent, CF3(CF2)2CH═CH2 (HFC-1447fz), requires the knowledge of its degradation routes, oxidation products, and radiative properties. In this paper, the gas-phase reactivity of HFC-1447fz with OH radicals is presented as a function of temperature, obtaining kOH (T = 263-358 K) = (7.4 ±(More)