Véronique DUPONT

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Spontaneous esophageal perforation is a rare condition that frequently results in infectious complications. Empirical broad-spectrum antibacterial therapy is therefore part of the standard management. We describe two patients suffering from spontaneous esophageal perforation who developed invasive candidiasis with hematogenous dissemination. One patient(More)
We report the case of a 30-day-old infant presenting a E. coli meningitis with recurrence 5 days after stopping antibiotics. The clinical investigations concluded to the diagnosis of osteomyelitis of the parietal bone probably as a consequence of the infection of a cephalohematoma due to a wound caused by a foetal monitoring. Cephalohematoma is frequent in(More)
Ten patients with obstructive tumors of the upper gastrointestinal tract received a catheter jejunostomy (CJ) for long periods of enteral nutritional support. Seven of those patients received home enteral nutritional support for a period of 2-9 months. Body weight and serum albumin remained constant during the nutritional therapy. Complications (diarrhea,(More)