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BACKGROUND Although health-related benefits of fitness training in older men are well established, it is not clear yet which mode and intensity of a exercise program is most effective. This study addresses whether the combination of endurance (ED) and resistance training in older men have supplementary health-related benefits in addition to profits attained(More)
Reduced muscle performance, related to the loss of muscle mass and strength, is a common and natural part of ageing. Nevertheless, it is generally believed that regular participation in activities of moderate intensity may slow down these age-related changes. This study investigated the relationship between the habitual level of physical activity (PA),(More)
Since the seventies, each swimmer, visiting the K.U.Leuven Evaluation Centre, was diagnosed to improve his performances, based on a fi lm or video observation and analysis, using a checklist of faults and a physical profi le chart. Presently, a diagnosis can be made by any expert in any pool, when he disposes of the individual’s video recordings and a(More)
1. Introduction In the present technology based society there is an explosion of information and knowledge , on the one hand, and electronical multimedia tools such as CD-ROM, Internet, World Wide Web (WWW), and video-conferencing are available, on the other hand. In these multimedia tools, the classic texts, graphics, and pictures are combined with sound(More)
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