Véronique Bardinal

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We present a quantitative study on the fabrication of microlenses using a low-cost polymer dispending technique. Our method is based on the use of a silicon micro-cantilever robotized spotter system. We first give a detailed description of the technique. In a second part, the fabricated microlenses are fully characterized by means of SEM (Scanning Electron(More)
Near infra-red (NIR) self-guided photo-polymerization is investigated in the context of micro-optics photo-fabrication on VCSELs (Vertical-Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers). We present the optimized process we have developed to allow for a collective fabrication on III-V devices wafers under real-time optical monitoring. The influence of photo-chemical(More)
Optical feedback interferometry (OFI) performance for microscale-flow sensing is studied theoretically and experimentally. A new numerical modeling approach for OFI flow meter spectrum reproduction is presented in this work to study the optical effect on the signal due to the micro-scale channel geometry. Two well-defined frequency peaks are found in the(More)
The growing interest for monitoring the quality of water has triggered the need of fast, portable and cheap detection systems. To answer this problematic, we developed a lab on a chip for herbicide detection based on micro algal photosynthesis. A blue organic light-emitting diode is used as the excitation source while the resulting algae luminescence is(More)
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