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Activation and cytokine profile of monocyte derived dendritic cells in leprosy: in vitro stimulation by sonicated Mycobacterium leprae induces decreased level of IL-12p70 in lepromatous leprosy
Dendritic cells (DCs) play a pivotal role in the connection of innate and adaptive immunity of hosts to mycobacterial infection. Studies on the interaction of monocyte-derived DCs (MO-DCs) usingExpand
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Myelination key factor krox‐20 is downregulated in Schwann cells and murine sciatic nerves infected by Mycobacterium leprae
Schwann cells (SCs) critically maintain the plasticity of the peripheral nervous system. Peripheral nerve injuries and infections stimulate SCs in order to retrieve homeostasis in neural tissues.Expand
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The GATA3 gene is involved in leprosy susceptibility in Brazilian patients.
Leprosy outcome is a complex trait and the host-pathogen-environment interaction defines the emergence of the disease. Host genetic risk factors have been successfully associated to leprosy. TheExpand
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Comments on: “Frequency of alleles and haplotypes of the human leukocyte antigen in Bauru, São Paulo”✩
See paper by Salvadori et al. on pages 108-14. *Corresponding author at: Instituto Lauro de Souza Lima, Rodovia Comandante João Ribeiro de Barros Km 225/226, 17034-971, Bauru, SP, Brazil. E-mailExpand