Vânia Marli Schubert Backes

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This study aims to characterize the scientific production of the Research Groups in Nursing Education (RGNE) of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, in Brazil. This is a documentary quantitative descriptive retrospective research, conducted by searching the CVs of all researchers who are part of the RGNEs in the Lattes database, followed by the(More)
This research aimed to present the profile of production of Nursing Education Research Groups (NERG) scientific and technological production in the South of Brazil. This documentary, quantitative, exploratory-descriptive retrospective research was guided by the active search for products in the Lattes curriculum of previously selected NERG researchers,(More)
This study aimed to understand the main conflicts experienced by nurses-leaders in the hospital environment, as well as the strategies adopted to face them.The study reflects a qualitative descriptive type approach, which was used in the case study as research strategy. The study included 25 nurses who worked in three hospitals in the city of Florianopolis,(More)
The understanding and the respect of the Human Being as an individual, the preoccupation with his/her feelings, desires and rights, and the orientation for a qualified care towards the humanization in the attendance of the customer and family are the guidelines of this work, based on the Humanistic Theory of Paterson & Zderad (1988). The study was done with(More)
Chronicle Renal Failure is considered a major problem in Public Health. The dyalitic treatment while waiting for the renal transplant means a boost on quality of life. This qualitative study, carried out in Rio Grande-RS, aimed at knowing the perceptions of patients with Chronicle Renal Failure, identifying the elements that influence their quality of life.(More)
The study purpose is to describe how the Research Groups of Nursing Education (RGNE) are organized in the Southern of Brazil. It's a documental study descriptive and explorative, of qualitative research, with the data collection from the Brazilian National Agency for Science and Technology (CNPq) Groups Directory website 2006 census. The South Region(More)
This study involved the teachers of sixteen Nursing Courses at Higher Education Institutions in the State of Rio Grande do Sul and aimed to identify the care, education and management technologies that are used and/or produced in their professional praxis in professionalizing subjects. This text presents a research extract and focuses on the conceptions(More)
The aim of this study is make a theorical-reflection about the importance of using dialogical leadership in hospital institutions through Freirean referencial. The dialogical leadership pattern differs from the coercive and autocratic methods, for being reasoned on the establishment of an efficient communicational process, able to stimulate autonomy,(More)
Didactic knowledge about contents is constructed through an idiosyncratic synthesis between knowledge about the subject area, students' general pedagogical knowledge and the teacher's biography. This study aimed to understand the construction process and the sources of Pedagogical Content Knowledge, as well as to analyze its manifestations and variations in(More)
The objective of this study is to identify the scientific production in the context of nursing produced in the last decade (1999-2008). This literature review was performed using the LILACS database and included studies published as articles, theses, dissertations, editorials and presentations in events. Studies were written in Portuguese, English, or(More)