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The field of opinion mining provides a multitude of methods and techniques to be utilized to find, extract and analyze subjective information, such as the one found on social media channels. Because of the differences between these channels as well as their unique characteristics, not all approaches are suitable for each source; there is no "(More)
The emerging research area of opinion mining deals with computational methods in order to find, extract and systematically analyze people's opinions, attitudes and emotions towards certain topics. While providing interesting market research information, the user generated content existing on the Web 2.0 presents numerous challenges regarding systematic(More)
uživatelských dat. Abstract: Thanks to its wide range of targeting, Internet has become a very attractive medium for advertisers. Although the current technologies can collect data about an individual's online activities and utilize it for a precise targeting, the traditional way of targeting based on affinity is still widely used. The goal of this paper is(More)
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