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Matrix computation is used as a basis for information retrieval in the retrieval strategy called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) [1]. The premise is that more conventional retrieval strategies (i.e. vector space, probabilistic and extended Boolean) all have problems because they match directly on keywords. Since the same concept can be described using many(More)
The wide spread use of computer networks in today's society, especially the sudden surge in importance of the World Wide Web, has made computer network security an international priority. Since it is not technically feasible to build a system with no vulnerabilities, intrusion detection (ID) has become an important area for researches. An intrusion that(More)
The column subset selection problem is a well-known hard optimization problem of selecting an optimal subset of k columns from the matrix A<sup>m&#x00D7;n</sup>, k&lt;; n, so that the cost function is minimized. The problem is of practical importance for data mining and processing since it can be used for unsupervised feature selection, dimension reduction,(More)
In this article we discuss a simple hash function based upon properties of a well-known combinatorial design called quasigroups. The quasigroups are equivalent to the more familiar Latin squares and one of their most important properties is that all possible element of certain quasigroup occurs with equal probability. Actual implementations are based on(More)
Scheduling is one of the core steps to efficiently exploit the capabilities of emergent computational systems such as grid. Grid environment is a dynamic, heterogeneous and unpredictable one sharing different services among many different users. Because of heterogeneous and dynamic nature of grid, the methods used in traditional systems could not be applied(More)
Scheduling is one of the core steps to efficiently exploit the capabilities of heterogeneous distributed computing systems and represents an NP-complete problem. Therefore, using meta-heuristic algorithms is a suitable approach in order to cope with its difficulty. In many meta-heuristic algorithms, generating individuals in the initial step has an(More)
This study investigated the use of Genetic algorithms in Information retrieval in the area of optimizing a Boolean query. A query with Boolean logical operators was used in information retrieval. For Genetic algorithms, encoding chromosomes was done from Boolean query; where it was represented in the form of tree prefix with indexing for all terms and all(More)
In this paper we present a new dynamic nature inspired algorithm for the enhancement of routing in problematic parts of the road network affected by traffic jams, accidents and so on. The algorithm is intended to improve the quality of navigation in the critical sections of road network or in its parts affected by accidents. By the Ant Colony Algorithm we(More)
This research tries to view accident data collection and analysis as a system that requires a special view towards understanding the whole and making sense out of it for improved decision making in the effort of reducing the problem of road safety. Under the umbrella of an information architecture research for road safety in developing countries, the(More)