Václav Sebera

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The results indicate the usability of DIC technique in tree biomechanics is advantageous compared to standard procedure since it reveals the induced strain in full-field way, accurately and noninvasively. The goal of this study was to analyze and measure the displacement and strain response behavior of the tree (Juglans regia L.) subjected to a mechanical(More)
The goal of the study was to investigate the influence of bark of Turkish hazel (Corylus colurna L.) on strain transfer from xylem to bark surface. The study addresses issues of tree biomechanics that calls for a high-quality deformation data measured on trees’ surfaces in a noninvasive way. For these purposes, the optical technique employing 3D digital(More)
The work deals with Poisson’s ratios (PR’s) of medium density fiberboard (MDF) measured using digital image correlation and correlated to vertical density profiles (VDP). MDFs of four different thicknesses were first scanned by X-ray to obtain VDPs and then subjected to compression while measuring by DIC. PR’s of MDF reveal low correlations with VDP(More)
SAŽETAK • The subject of the research is a ready to assemble (RTA) chair constructed of plywood by a CNC machine. The standard test of seat and back of the chair according to the Czech Standard CSN EU 1728 was supplemented with an optical method of digital image correlation (DIC). The aim of the research was to discover mechanical principles of the(More)
A reconstruction of historical timber structures requires precise diagnostics of mechanical properties of particular structural members, which would subsequently underlie a reliable plan of the reconstruction. Mechanical properties of wood are determined most exactly using destructive techniques, but often they cannot be used in historical constructions.(More)
A sophisticated approach for the precise determination of both longitudinal shear moduli of wood at single test is introduced. The method is based on the combination of the torsion test inducing pure shear stresses in sample and an optical method providing the full-field strain data of such stress state. The proposed procedure of the longitudinal shear(More)
A new sandwich composite structure was prepared that utilizes classic wood-based composites as the core and face materials. Particleboards were used as faces, which covered a plywood-made iso-grid core. A new type of core-face fixation was suggested and assessed. The sandwich panels can be regarded as lightweight, as their density was below 400 kg/m.(More)
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