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Electromagnetic wave propagation research in frequency band 58 GHz was started at TESTCOM in Praha due to lack of experimentally obtained results needed for a realistic calculation of quality and availability of point-to-point fixed systems. Rain attenuation data obtained from a path at 58 GHz with V polarization located in Praha was processed over a 5-year(More)
The BER and the availability belong among the basic qualitative parameters of free space optical (FSO) links. The BER parameter is usually mentioned by FSO manufacturers, but it is not defined what conditions a certain value of BER stands for. This article deals with problems of measuring the BER of free space optical link and with questions how to(More)
Simultaneous measurements of the liquid water content (LWC) and optical attenuation have been analyzed to predict optical attenuation caused by fog particles. At-tenuation has been measured at two different wavelengths, 830 nm and 1550 nm, across co-located links. Five months measured data have been processed to assess power-law empirical models, which(More)
Results of a propagation study on a free space optical link at 850 nm on a path 853 meters long and on a parallel 58 GHz radio link obtained over a 3-year period of observation are presented. The cumulative distributions of attenuation due to all of the hydrometeors combined as well as due to individual hydrometeors were obtained for both paths. The(More)