Václav Jonáš

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A review of the current literature regarding performance of the polymerase chain reaction and transcription mediated amplification with respect to diagnosis of tuberculosis is presented. Additional studies of the usefulness of these methods for predicting the efficacy of treatment by amplification of rRNA and DNA are also discussed. Application of the(More)
It is possible that in Czech a vowel is consistently longer before a tautosyllabic voiced as opposed to voiceless obstruent. The main purpose of this study was to determine if this hypothesized variation interacts with the perception of vowel quantity. Two experiments were conducted that examined the effect of a voiceless vs. devoiced coda context and of a(More)
The reactions of either bis(mu-chloro)tetracarbonyldirhodium(I), [Rh(CO)2(mu-Cl)]2, or chlorotricarbonyliridium(I), [Ir(CO)3Cl]n, in the conjugate Brønsted-Lewis superacid HF-SbF5 and in a CO atmosphere, produce [Rh(CO)5Cl][Sb2F11]2 or [Ir(CO)5Cl][Sb2F11]2, respectively. In these oxidative carbonylation reactions, antimony(V) fluoride functions as an(More)
The salts [M(CO)(4)][Sb(2)F(11)](2), M = Pd, Pt, are prepared by reductive carbonylation of Pd[Pd(SO(3)F)(6)], Pt(SO(3)F)(4) or PtF(6) in liquid SbF(5), or HF-SbF(5). The resulting moisture-sensitive, colorless solids are thermally stable up to 140 degrees C (M = Pd) or 200 degrees C (M = Pt). Their thermal decompositions are studied by differential(More)
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