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Oxidative stress and especially its connection with many diseases has been discussed much recently. Among markers of oxidative stress there appear new and quite specific ones called advanced oxidation protein products (AOPPs). We tried to influence the level of AOPPs by an antioxidant therapy with N-acetylcysteine. Fourteen individuals with many(More)
Aims/Objectives This man 10 years ago underwent surgery for acute aortic dissection type Stanford A. During this surgery the ascending aorta including the aortic valve had been replaced. The regular follow-up by echocardiography was performed once a year. After 10 years without any problem, the patient began to suffer from atypical problems repeated(More)
Symptomatology of malignant intrabronchial obstructions has a serious negative effect on the quality of patients' life. Intrabronchial brachytherapy can play an important role in the palliation of these symptoms. Between December 1996 and September 1998 48 patients suffering from malignant intrabronchial obstructions were treated with intraluminal(More)
We report the case of young man with acute aortic dissection type A treated by Bentall operation. Postoperatively the patient was febrile and echocardiography revealed fluid collection around the aortic graft. Indicated surgery revealed sterile perigraft seroma which recurred after reoperation, Corticosteroids were therefore administered. Ten months after(More)
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