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This article reviews the current state of knowledge regarding cancer screening in the geriatric population. Care of the elderly requires knowledge of underlying physiologic changes, comorbidities, quality-of-life factors, and life expectancies. There is always the danger that ageism may prevent elderly cancer patients from receiving the proper treatment. On(More)
The purpose of present research is to investigate relationship and between time management and professional stress among bank managers. Moreover, it investigates gender difference on the variables of time management and professional stress. The sample consisted on hundred subjects, was taken from various bank of Government sector. How organize are you and(More)
Pure White Cell Aplasia (PWCA) is an extremely rare haematological entity. Various causes have been implicated in its pathogenesis. We are reporting here a case of a sixty seven years old female, referred to us with the concern of febrile neutropenia and extensive oral candidiasis. Workup for secondary causes of agranulocytosis was negative. Bone marrow(More)
Clonal analysis of patients with triple negative myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) has provided evidence of additional aberrations, including epigenetic alterations. To discover such novel genetic aberrations, patients were screened through next-generation sequencing using a myeloid sequencing panel of 54 genes using a genetic analyser. Genetic variants in(More)
The present research was conducted (a) to describe the socio-demographic information of psychotherapist providing therapy to patients of anxiety disorder (b) to examine the therapeutic interaction on various variables of therapeutic participation, resistance and dysphoric concern (related to patient’s responses), and directive support for the patients(More)
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