Uzma Shaukat

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During August to November 2010, a dengue (DEN) outbreak occurred, and several cities of Pakistan were affected. In this study, serum samples from 317 patients, based on clinical symptoms and blood test, were included from Lahore, Sheikhpura and Gujranwala cities for further diagnosis of different genotypes of DEN virus. The samples were categorized into 2(More)
Recessive mutations of fibroblast growth factor 3 (FGF3) can cause LAMM syndrome (OMIM 610706), characterized by fully penetrant complete labyrinthine aplasia, microtia and microdontia. We performed a prospective molecular genetic and clinical study of families segregating hearing loss linked to FGF3 mutations. Ten affected individuals from three large(More)
Prostate cancer is a serious multidimensional disorder that arises because of misrepresentation of signaling cascades and acquired resistance against apoptosis. It is progressively becoming more insurmountable because of rheostat like switching of oncogenic signaling in androgen dependent and androgen depleted microenvironment. Additionally, oncogenic(More)
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