Uzi Shvadron

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A growing number of applications rely on fast pattern matching to scan data in real-time for security and analytics purposes. The RegX accelerator in the IBM Power Edge of Network (PowerEN) processor supports these applications using a combination of fast programmable state machines and simple processing units to scan data streams against thousands of(More)
We describe an innovative low-power high-performance programmable signal processor (DSP) for digital communications. The architecture of this processor is characterized by its explicit design for low-power implementations, its innovative ability to jointly exploit instruction-level parallelism (ILP) and data-level parallelism (SIMD) to achieve(More)
The transition to multicore architectures creates significant challenges for programming systems. Taking advantage of specialized processing cores such as those in the Cell BE processor and managing all the required data movement inside the processor cannot be done efficiently without help from the software infrastructure. Alongside new programming models(More)
Streaming applications are built of data-driven, computational components, consuming and producing unbounded data streams. Streaming oriented systems have become dominant in a wide range of domains, including embedded applications and DSPs. However, programming efficiently for streaming architectures is a challenging task, having to carefully partition the(More)
The usefulness of hearing aids is severely limited by the existence of the “cocktail party effect.” This is due to the very high sensitivity of hearing aid wearers to interfering sounds. The purpose of this work is to describe the results of some work carried out at the IBM Israel Scientific Center aimed at alleviating this problem. The approach adopted(More)
Stream processing is an important emerging computational model for performing complex operations on and across multi-source, high volume, unpredictable dataflows. We present Flow, a platform for parallel and distributed stream processing system simulation that provides a flexible modeling environment for analyzing stream processing applications. The Flow(More)
It appears that one of the most important factors limiting the usefulness of hearing aids is the high sensitivity of hearing aid users to interfering sounds. In this work, the possibility of utilizing computing power that could be packaged into a unit the size of a hearing aid in order to cancel out noises before they reach the ear was investigated.(More)