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GOLD is a comprehensive resource for accessing information related to completed and ongoing genome projects world-wide. The database currently provides information on 350 genome projects, of which 48 have been completely sequenced and their analysis published. GOLD was created in 1997 and since April 2000 it has been licensed to Integrated Genomics. The(More)
Mutations in breast cancer tumor susceptibility genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2, predispose women to early onset breast cancer and other malignancies. The Brca genes are involved in multiple cellular processes in response to DNA damage including checkpoint activation, gene transcription, and DNA repair. Biochemical interaction with the recombinational repair protein(More)
Rad51 is a member of a family of eukaryotic proteins related to the bacterial recombinational repair protein RecA. Rad51 protein localizes to multiple subnuclear foci in Chinese hamster ovary cells. Subnuclear Rad51 foci are induced by ionizing radiation or the DNA cross-linking agent cisplatin. Formation of these foci is likely to reflect assembly of a(More)
Members of the RecA family of recombinases from bacteriophage T4, Escherichia coli, yeast, and higher eukaryotes function in recombination as higher-order oligomers assembled on tracts of single-strand DNA (ssDNA). Biochemical studies have shown that assembly of recombinase involves accessory factors. These studies have identified a class of proteins,(More)
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