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One-hundred-sixteen healthy subjects (60 female and 56 male) with normal height (L) and weight (w) were selected to provide an even distribution of age (A, 20-70 years). All underwent an unsteady state cycle ergometer test with work increments of 20 watts each minute to exhaustion. A commercially available exercise testing system (EOS SPRINT, Jäger Corp.,(More)
During steady-state exercise the noninvasive measurement of cardiac output using CO2-rebreathing has been found to be reliable and reproducible. In contrast, reliability of cardiac output measurement during unsteady state exercise is unclear. The ability to determine cardiac output (CO) noninvasively during steady state and unsteady state exercise was(More)
Over a period of 30 months (1. 1. 89-30. 6. 91) 3516 patients who had either a diagnostic (2718) or therapeutic (798) heart catheterization were followed for local vascular complications. 774 patients were investigated prospectively. The following complications were observed in declining frequency: 1. relevant haematoma, 2. pseudoaneurysm, 3. arteriovenous(More)
In the leaves of rye (Secale cereale L.), control mechanisms acting at multiple molecular levels contribute to a coordinate expression of the subunit polypeptides of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase. The relevance and hierarchy of the different control steps were evaluated by comparing the time courses of changes in levels of translatable mRNA, rates(More)
Accurate positioning of the prosthetic humeral head is necessary to reproduce normal glenohumeral kinematics and to avoid damage to the rotator cuff and impingement on the glenoid component or coracoacromial arch. Proper positioning of the head requires accurate placement of the stem and prosthetic designs that allow the head position to adapt to the(More)
In the coarse grained Brownian Dynamics simulation method the many solvent molecules are replaced by random thermal kicks and an effective friction acting on the particles of interest. For Brownian Dynamics the friction has to be so strong that the particles' velocities are damped much faster than the duration of an integration timestep. Here we show that(More)
In the Ermak-McCammon algorithm for Brownian dynamics, the hydrodynamic interactions (HIs) between N spherical particles are described by a 3Nx3N diffusion tensor. This tensor has to be factorized at each time step with a runtime of O(N(3)), making the calculation of the correlated random displacements the bottleneck for many-particle simulations. Here we(More)
We have developed a new high resolution ECG equipment for recording cardiac microvolt potentials from the body surface. Noise reduction has been achieved by specially designed suction electrodes, by spatial averaging of the electrocardiograms from four electrode pairs, using extremely low noise amplifiers, by performing registrations within a Faraday cage,(More)
Cardiopulmonary exercise capacity is a significant criterion of life quality. The evaluation of the exercise capacity is important to answer patient-questions concerning every day activity, choice of profession, sports-activity etc. We performed cardiopulmonary exercise testing in 38 patients (age 33.6 +/- 12.0 years, 18 women, 20 men) with different(More)