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OBJECTIVE Classical isobologram analysis offers a way for analysing combined drug effects in dose-response experiments statistically. The aim is to determine as to whether two agents or drugs can be considered synergistic or antagonistic in their effect. METHODS AND MATERIALS We describe a MATLAB-based software tool for automated isobologram analysis and(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with locally advanced and high-risk prostate cancer (LAPC) are prone to experience biochemical recurrence despite radical prostatectomy (RP). We evaluated feasibility, safety and activity of a neoadjuvant chemohormonal therapy (NCHT) with 3-weekly full dose docetaxel and complete androgen blockade (CAB) in locally advanced and high-risk(More)
Resulting from a clinical consulting case in urology we developed a software tool for determining nonlinear dose-response relationships. Unlike most existing statistical software packages, we directly compute and display analytical pointwise 95% confidence intervals for the prediction result. Furthermore, user-defined changepoints with 95% confidence(More)
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