Uwe Steinhausen

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A good system design should spend resources in a way that the system is well balanced and a high performance/cost ratio is achieved. In a quantitative approach the decisions upon the most suitable size for each component is based on measured analysis data. Adopting this approach for Embedded System(ES) design requires to measure analysis data for a specific(More)
Outlier detection is an important data mining task for consistency checks, fraud detection, etc. Binary decision making on whether or not an object is an outlier is not appropriate in many applications and moreover hard to parametrize. Thus, recently, methods for outlier ranking have been proposed. Determining the degree of deviation, they do not require(More)
Rhinosinusitis is one of the most frequent reasons to consult a general practitioner (GP) surgery. They often occur as a sequel of a common cold where viruses are known to be the primary cause in more than 90% of the cases [1]. Thus, rhinosinusitis usually heals completely within 3 weeks at most. For treatment, antibiotics should be restricted to severe and(More)
Detecting outliers is an important task for many applications including fraud detection or consistency validation in real world data. Particularly in the presence of uncertain data or imprecise data, similar objects regularly deviate in their attribute values. The notion of outliers has thus to be defined carefully. When considering outlier detection as a(More)
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