Uwe Soergel

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We propose a context-based classification method for point clouds acquired by full waveform airborne laser scanners. As these devices provide a higher point density and additional information like echo width or type of return, an accurate distinction of several object classes is possible. However, especially in dense urban areas correct labelling is a(More)
Modern airborne synthetic aperture radar sensors provide high spatial resolution data. Experimental systems have even achieved deci-metre resolution. In such data, many features of urban objects can be identified, which are beyond what has been achieved by radar remote sensing before. An example for the new quality of the appearance of urban man-made(More)
Lidar waveforms are 1-D signals representing a train of echoes caused by reflections at different targets. Modeling these echoes with the appropriate parametric function is useful to retrieve information about the physical characteristics of the targets. This paper presents a new probabilistic model based upon a marked point process which reconstructs the(More)
The GESTALT-System is a stratified architecture for challenging computer vision tasks. This contribution focuses on the 3rd and 4th layer of it – the grouping and decision layers. As example application building recognition from high resolution SAR-Data is presented. The 3rd layer contains an assessment driven perceptual grouping process with anytime(More)
InSAR data are used to recognise large industrial building complexes. Such buildings often show salient regular patterns of strong scatterers on their roofs. A previous segmentation which uses the intensity, height and coherence information extracts building cues. Strong scatterers are filtered by a spot detector and localised by a cluster formation. Strong(More)
Ten years ago PSInSAR was invented by Ferretti et. al. [1], [2], [3]. Since than it has proven to be a valuable operational method for monitoring movements of the earths surface accompanying a variety of phenomena, like volcanic or tectonic activity, landslides, draining and refilling of aquifers, extraction of oil or gas, mining and other underground(More)
Persistent Scatterer (PS) analysis of urban areas using high resolution SAR data is an important and by this time mature technique to estimate deformation and 3D information. Due to the high resolution a large number of PS is available per building. Beyond that the scatterers residing on one building often form patterns, which hold information about the(More)
Lidar waveforms are 1D signal consisting of a train of echoes where each of them correspond to a scattering target of the Earth surface. Modeling these echoes with the appropriate parametric function is necessary to retrieve physical information about these objects and characterize their properties. This paper presents a marked point process based model to(More)