Uwe Sievert

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CONCLUSIONS The results of this study show that in clinical practice it will not be easy to diagnose tonic contractions of the tensor tympani muscle and only a combination of findings will be helpful. Based on these experimental results a clinical study will be started which should clarify the diagnostic relevance of indicators of tonic tensor muscle(More)
PROBLEMS ADDRESSED Despite their abundant spread, mobile phones are suspected by a major share of the population to cause adverse effects on health and welfare. The ear as the sense organ next to the individual device has rarely been investigated for short-term effects in this regard. In a previous article, we could not prove any impact on the vestibular(More)
OBJECTIVE To prove the feasibility of recording stapedius reflexes by bipolar electromyography intra-operatively during cochlea implant via a bipolar hook needle electrode. STUDY DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Tertiary referral center. PATIENTS Adults receiving a MED-EL cochlear implant. INTERVENTION Diagnostic. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Stapedius(More)
INTRODUCTION When performing cochlear implant (CI) surgery in ears with residual hearing, cochlear function should be preserved as far as possible. Besides non-traumatic electrode insertion the acoustic-mechanical trauma of the cochleostomy should be minimized. According to experiences from temporal bone preparations the hypothesis that thorough exposition(More)
OBJECTIVE Aim of this paper is to prove the applicability of intra-operative recordings of auditory brainstem responses during cochlear implantation. METHODS The clinical practicability of intra-operative monitoring of hearing thresholds (Notched-Noise BERA, Amplitude Modulation Following Response [AMFR]) is presented in the respective case. The(More)
BACKGROUND It is the subject of this study to investigate the biological effect of the HF radiation produced by the Global System for Mobile Communications-( GSM)-mobile phone on the inner ear with its sensors of the vestibular and auditive systems. METHODS/PATIENTS Thermographic investigations made on various model materials and on the human temporal(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the reliability of visually assessed thresholds of the electrically elicited stapedius reflex, recorded during cochlear implant surgery, compared with intra-operative tympanometric threshold assessment. Intra-operatively recorded electrically elicited stapedius reflex thresholds vary considerably, and differ from those measured(More)
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