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The leachability of lindane from different biosolid amended soils was determined and compared to its bioavailability. Sand, soil, and a mixture of soil-sand (1:1 w/w) were spiked with lindane, blended with different amounts of biosolids, and subjected to a leaching process with water that lasted for 1-28 d. This procedure is in accordance with ISO/TS(More)
In the course of their working lifetime, dental technicians are exposed to numerous different dusts, some of which also contain toxic substances (Co-Cr alloys), which are employed in the so-called model casting. In order to establish the influence of the nature of the exposure associated with various dental technical procedures on pulmonary symptoms, 24588(More)
There is still a gap of reliable vapour pressure data at ambient temperature for low volatile organic substances due to the difficult and time-consuming determination using the classical methods. Static headspace extraction with a solid-phase microextraction (SPME) fibre in combination with gas chromatographic analysis provides an inexpensive tool for the(More)
UNLABELLED With the aid of a questionnaire survey conducted among 3,415 dental laboratories in Hesse and North Rhine Westphalia, the incidence of pulmonary symptoms among dental technicians, and their relationship to dust (exposure time: ET) was established. A total of 5,100 questionnaires were evaluable. The median age of the participants was 29 years, the(More)
A Green's functions technique known to describe transport through a superconducting point contact with multiple Andreev reflection is merged with a rate equation scheme and thus extended to model transport through a series of two junctions enclosing an island between them. In the superconducting state such systems may show an interplay of multiple Andreev(More)
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