Uwe Saint-Mont

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Method: We will compare this return to the expected payoffs of a number of gamblers having less information, in particular supi(EXi), the value of the sequence to a person who only knows the random variables’ expected values. In general, there is a stochastic environment, (F.E. a class of random variables C), and several levels of information. Given some(More)
The aim of this contribution is to provide a rather general answer to Hume’s problem, the well-known problem of induction. To this end, it is very useful to apply his differentiation between “relations of ideas” and “matters of fact”, and to reconsider earlier approaches. In so doing, we consider the problem formally (chap. 3), as well as empirically (chap.(More)
This study investigates the Geriatric Basis Assessment (GBA) in terms of its reliability. Data from 1037 patients were collected. The reliability was estimated relating to the lambda 2 coefficient. It is necessary to define the items in different categories: the first variable means valuation 1 of each item and not 2, 3, 4; the second variable means(More)
Das Geriatrische Basisassessment wird bezüglich der Reliabilität untersucht. Es standen dafür die Daten von 1037 fortlaufend aufgenommenen Patienten zur Verfügung. Die Schätzung der Reliabilität erfolgt mit Hilfe des λ2-Koeffizienten, nachdem die 4 Bewertungsmöglichkeiten eines jeden Items des Geriatrischen Basisassessments in unterschiedlichen Kategorien(More)
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