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Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers (Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy, edited by Gennaro Chierchia, Pauline Jacobson, and Francis J. Pelletier, volume 42), 1993, viii + 713 pp. Hardbound in two volumes, Part 1 ISBN 0-7923-1027-6, no price listed; Part 2, ISBN 0-7923-2402-1, no price listed; two volume set, ISBN 0-7923-2403-X, $172.00, £112.00, Dfl(More)
The paper adresses the problem of reasoning with ambiguities. Semantic representations are presented that leave scope relations between quantifiers and/or other operators unspecified. Truth conditions are provided for these representations and different consequence relations are judged on the basis of intuitive correctness. Finally inference patterns are(More)
The paper presents a constraint based semantic formalism for HPSG. The syntax-semantics interface directly implements syntactic conditions on quantifier scoping and distributivity. 1 The construction of semantic representations is guided" by general principles governing the interaction between syntax and semantics. Each of these principles acts as a(More)
A new algorithm is proposed which transforms f-structures into discourse representation structures (DRSs). Its primary features are that it works bottom up, that it is capable of translating f-structures without pre imposing any arbitrary order on the attributes occurring in i t , and that it handles indeterminacy of scoping by using sets of translations.(More)