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A noise exposure survey and audiometric assessment of 750 Los Angeles City fire fighters carried out to study the impact of fire service noise exposure on fire fighter hearing loss revealed evidence of excess hearing loss at the 3000Hz, 4000Hz, and 6000Hz test frequencies. Fire fighter medical history and life-style data did not point to a significant(More)
Improved imaging techniques and an increased demand for a personal health record platform indicates that a telehealth based system has an excellent potential for improving patient care, providing a high capacity for information storage and retrieval, and for reducing healthcare costs. A video-capture technology is presented that will allow parents,(More)
Foot print patterns of the bound feet of a 90-year-old Chinese female were made to obtain insight into the ergonomic consequences of a Chinese custom that caused significant disabilities for many women throughout history. Pressure patterns were evaluated using the techniques applied to standard thumb print analsyis. A digital summary of the pressure(More)
SUMMARY: Industrialized nations worldwide are experiencing an " aging " of their population. This phenomenon is caused by an increase in the overall life expectancy of the people and a decline in their fertility rate. As a consequence, the workforce of these nations is getting older also. Although the older employees of today are healthier, better educated,(More)
With the prevalence of diagnosed autism on the rise, increased efforts are needed to support surveillance, research, and case management. Challenges to collect, analyze and share typical and unique patient information and observations are magnified by expanding provider caseloads, delays in treatment and patient office visits, and lack of sharable data.(More)
A new approach to illustrating and analysing health status is presented which allows comparisons of various aspects of health in a population at different times and in different populations during given periods. Both quantitative and qualitative elements can be represented, the impact of interventions can be monitored, and the extent to which objectives are(More)
A methodology to assess Pressure Discomfort Thresholds (PDT), Pressure Pain Thresholds (PPT) and tissue stiffness on the plantar surface of the foot was developed. Ten male and 10 female participants volunteered for the study. Foot landmarks were used to create a standardised grid-type template of 95 points. For each test point, PPT and PDT values were(More)
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