Uwe Rastofer

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The CORBA architecture defines the semantics of the interaction of distributed objects. These semantics are fixed and hardly extensible. CORBA services can extend the basic functionality of an ORB, but they are based on those fixed semantics. AspectIX is an open and more flexible architecture than CORBA, but an AspectIX implementation can also host(More)
Quality of service is becoming more and more important in distributed systems. Current middleware systems lack quality-of-service support on the application and on the system level. AspectIX is a CORBA-compliant middleware platform that defines generic interfaces to control quality-of-service and an infrastructure for quality implementations. AspectIX is(More)
The aim of Component-Based Software Engineering is to create applications from reusable, exchangeable and con-nectable components. But current component models lack support for important concepts of distributed embedded real-time systems. In this field a component's non-functional properties, e.g. execution time and resource usage, are as important as its(More)
architecture for scalable, QoS-aware and self-organizing global services. Abstract: Globally distributed services need more than location transparency. An implementation of such a service has to scale to millions of users from all over the world. Those users may have different and varying quality-of-service requirements that have to be considered for an(More)
CORBA as a standardized object-based middleware for distributed computing still lacks sufficient support for mobility and replication, although there are several proposals to integrate these mechanisms. AspectIX is a more flexible and more open architecture than CORBA, but AspectIX is still fully CORBA compliant. Unlike CORBA with its static client-server(More)
Object-based middleware systems, like CORBA, provide the basis for object-based distributed applications. For aspects concerning distributed programming an aspect weaver has to generate code which interacts with the middleware system. As parts of these aspects often have to be implemented on top of the middleware, weavers are very dependent on the(More)
Applications running on a large distributed system face a dynamically changing environment. Thus, an application needs to adapt to new conditions or it will fail to continuously meet its specification. This is especially crucial if the application needs to implement a certain quality of service (QoS). Object-based middleware systems like CORBA(More)
Michael Gerdom studied computer science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He has gained several years' practical experience from customer projects in the area of implementing object-oriented technologies and UML in embedded systems environments. He is responsible at method park Software AG for heading the area of Training & Consulting. His current(More)