Uwe Rastofer

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Quality of service is becoming more and more important in distributed systems. Current middleware systems lack quality-of-service support on the application and on the system level. AspectIX is a CORBA-compliant middleware platform that defines generic interfaces to control quality-of-service and an infrastructure for quality implementations. AspectIX is(More)
CORBA as a standardized object-based middleware for distributed computing still lacks sufficient support for mobility and replication, although there are several proposals to integrate these mechanisms. AspectIX is a more flexible and more open architecture than CORBA, but AspectIX is still fully CORBA compliant. Unlike CORBA with its static client-server(More)
The aim of Component-Based Software Engineering is to create applications from reusable, exchangeable and con-nectable components. But current component models lack support for important concepts of distributed embedded real-time systems. In this field a component's non-functional properties, e.g. execution time and resource usage, are as important as its(More)
architecture for scalable, QoS-aware and self-organizing global services. Abstract: Globally distributed services need more than location transparency. An implementation of such a service has to scale to millions of users from all over the world. Those users may have different and varying quality-of-service requirements that have to be considered for an(More)
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