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This paper outlines an extension of Krausz' (1975) approach to nonlinear analysis of physiological systems with random impulse train inputs. This extension concerns multiple (here two) inputs and spike train outputs in addition to analogue outputs. The respective theoretical formula are given, and the approach is illustrated by experimental data relating to(More)
The topographical relationship between the swim bladder, the inner ear, and the otic lateral line was studied in the bottom dwelling catfish, Ancistrus sp. In addition, afferent and efferent subcomponents of the eighth and lateral line nerves were labelled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) or with differently fluorescing dextran amines. The swim bladder of(More)
The expression pattern of the extracellular matrix molecule tenascin-C was investigated in the retinotectal system of the frog Discoglossus pictus and the salamander Pleurodeles waltl during development and optic nerve regeneration in the adult. In both species, the retina was devoid of tenascin-C immunoreactivity at all ages studied. During development,(More)
In the brain of the salamander Pleurodeles waltl, microglial cells were investigated cytochemically with isolectin B4 (IB4) of Bandeiraea simplicifolia after optic nerve transection and during subsequent regeneration. Double-labeling with an antibody directed against the glial fibrillary acidic protein of astrocytes revealed no immunoreactivity in(More)
Antibodies specific to the neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM-total), the 180 x 10(3) M(r) component of NCAM (NCAM-180) and polysialic acid (PSA) were used in immunohistochemistry and Western blots to detect the spatiotemporal dynamics of these molecules in development and regeneration of the retinotectal system of Pleurodeles waltl. NCAM-total and(More)
Successive motor unit (MU) twitches often do not sum linearly. Also, muscle spindle (MS) afferents may react nonlinearly to MU contractions occurring at short intervals. Little data is presently available on the interactions between two (or more) MUs regarding their effects on tension output and MS responses. We have studied these effects in cat Mm.(More)
The projection of individual inner ear maculae of the catfish, Ancistrus spec. were labelled with horseradish peroxidases (HRP) or fluorescent dextran amines. In ostariophysans, fibres which innervate epithelia known or assumed to be sensitive to the pressure component of aquatic sound, i.e. acoustic fibres which come from the sacculus and lagena, have(More)
1. Die Entstehung von Cytoplasmaeinschlüssen im Endothel der Aorta und großer Arterien wurde an größerem Material untersucht. 2. Die Einschlüsse sind überwiegend farblos. Nur ein kleiner Teil besitzt Pigmentcharakter und ist als eisenhaltiges Pigment dem Hämosiderin zumindest sehr ähnlich. 3. Farblose Einschlüsse sind oft feinkörnig, bestehen überwiegend(More)
Monomeric zirconocene dipicolinate complexes, which have a formal IS-electron configuration, are stable towards water and relatively inert against aqueous HO. Methylmagnesium chloride attacks these complexes at the dipicolinate carboxyl groups and subsequent reaction with aqueous HCI gives 2,6-diacetyl pyridine and the zirconocene dichloride. Other(More)
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