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BACKGROUND Physical disability in multiple sclerosis (MS) is frequently characterized by impaired ambulation. Although walking tests have been successfully employed to assess walking ability in MS patients, data analytic procedures have predominantly relied on result-oriented parameters (e.g. total distance covered during a given amount of time), whereas(More)
Three negative-priming studies were carried out to examine whether this paradigm allows a separation of the effects of aging on access, deletion, and restraint control of inhibition. In each study 24 younger (18 to 35 years old) and 24 older (57 to 82 years old) adults were asked to identify pictures. The results reveal difficulties among older adults in(More)
Reaction times to previously ignored information are often delayed, a phenomenon referred to as negative priming (NP). Rothermund et al. (2005) proposed that NP is caused by the retrieval of incidental stimulus-response associations when consecutive displays share visual features but require different responses. In two experiments we examined whether the(More)
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