Uwe Martens

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The distribution of ionotropic glutamate receptors in transverse hippocampal sections and along the septotemporal hippocampal axis can be correlated to hippocampal connectivity, in particular to area- and layer-specific termination zones of afferents. However, in isolated organotypic hippocampal slice cultures developing without extrinsic afferent input no(More)
The distribution of glutamate receptors in transverse hippocampal sections has been well investigated. However, in spite of the known septotemporal gradients of hippocampal connectivity no systematic studies exist about the distribution of glutamate receptors along the septotemporal (longitudinal) hippocampal axis. Therefore, in the present study this issue(More)
This contribution presents a robust approach to acoustic event source localization for surveillance under reverberant environmental conditions. In particular, we support the classical generalized cross-correlation algorithm with phase transform weighting (GCC-PHAT) and the steered response power (SRP) algorithm by a sound activity detection and an event(More)
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