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Bei 98 Personen wurden die systolischen, diastolischen und die Mitteldruckwerte des Brachialisdruckes jeweils den dynamometrisch und dynamographisch bestimmten Ophthalmica-Druckwerten in Koordinatensystemen gegenübergestellt. In derselben Weise erfolgte der Vergleich der dynamometrischen und dynamographischen Werte. Die Regressionen und(More)
Cyclic tetrapeptides exclusively composed of L- and D-Pro have been studied by theoretical means (conformational searches and molecular mechanics calculations using the CHARMM program) supported by 1H-NMR spectroscopy, X-ray analysis and chiroptical measurements. We explored the entire conformational space of the diastereomers cyclo(LLLL-Pro4) (I),(More)
The title compound represents the smallest member of cyclic proline peptides corresponding to the general formula c(DDLL-Pro4)n with a strictly D,D,L,L double-alternating sequence of the chiral amino acid residues. The cyclopeptides with n greater than or equal to 2 could be synthesized from both DDLL-Pro4 (1) and DLLD-Pro4 (2). The cyclic monomer (n = 1)(More)
Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) exerts a clinically apparent negative feedback on the secretion of human thyroid-stimulating hormone (hTSH) in pregnancy, and the two have cross-reactivity for the TSH receptor in membrane preparations of the thyroid. We examined whether hTSH, in turn, has an influence on the secretion and synthesis of hCG in short-term(More)
The results of nanosecond laser flash photolysis (XeCl excimer irradiation at 308 nm) of the Fischer carbene complex [(CO)5WdC(OMe)Ph] (CZ) in di-n-butyl ether and n-hexane are reported. Spectrokinetical detection of the intermediates was based on transient absorptions simulaneously recorded in the UV/vis and the IR spectral regions. The primary(More)
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