Uwe K H Wiegand

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BACKGROUND There is a lack of clarity concerning the effect of anxiety on the course of cardiac events following myocardial infarction. Some studies have identified anxiety as a risk factor for further cardiac events. However, it is also considered to be a protective factor, as a higher level of anxiety may improve patient compliance and regular medical(More)
INTRODUCTION Sophisticated monitoring of atrial activity is a prerequisite for modern pacemaker therapy. Ideally, near-fields and ventricular far-fields ought to be distinguished by beat-to-beat template analysis of the atrial signal. A prerequisite is that atrial signals are stable under different conditions. METHODS AND RESULTS A Matlab routine was(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the incidence of sinus node disease after pacemaker implantation for exclusive atrioventricular (AV) block. DESIGN 441 patients were followed after VDD (n = 219) or DDD pacemaker (n = 222) implantation for AV block over a mean period of 37 months. Sinus node disease and atrial arrhythmias had been excluded by Holter monitoring and(More)
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