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Taxol (paclitaxel) is a highly-oxygenated diterpenoid natural product first isolated from the pacific yew tree (Taxus brevifolia). It is one of the most widely used anticancer drugs. Soon after the discovery of its unique mode of action and the resulting high demand, an extensive search was initiated for alternative sources to replace the slow-growing and(More)
Melleolides and related fungal sesquiterpenoid aryl esters are antimicrobial and cytotoxic natural products derived from cultures of the Homobasidiomycetes genus Armillaria. The initial step in the biosynthesis of all melleolides involves cyclization of the universal sesquiterpene precursor farnesyl diphosphate to produce protoilludene, a reaction catalyzed(More)
Classical approaches to strain improvement and metabolic engineering rely on rapid qualitative and quantitative analyses of the metabolites of interest. As an analytical tool, mass spectrometry (MS) has proven to be efficient and nearly universally applicable for timely screening of metabolites. Furthermore, gas chromatography (GC)/MS- and liquid(More)
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