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The performance of neural nets can be improved through the use of ensembles of redundant nets. In this paper, some of the available methods of ensemble creation are reviewed and the \test and select" methodolo-logy for ensemble creation is considered. This approach involves testing potential ensemble combinations on a validation set, and selecting the best(More)
This paper reports on latest developments in our MoRob (Modular Educational Robotic Toolbox) project, which aims to provide solutions for a universal mobile robot platform to be used in a variety of engineering and science education scenarios in higher education. To provide a complete framework for educational robotics, we not only supply hardware and(More)
—Robots offer an excellent tool for teaching engineering concepts that can be employed in teaching and demonstrating a variety of individual subjects, practical exercises, lab classes and project work. Hands-on experience encourages students and increases motivation. Besides learning engineering concepts, students can develop valuable skills such as(More)
This paper presents the concepts of our MoRob (Modular Educational Robotic Toolbox) project, which aims to provide a robot platform for university teaching and research. Characteristics are scalability, modularity, flexibility and ease of use. Within the context of this project, robots are used in student projects. Lego Mindstorms has been successfully(More)
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