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The corneal nipple structures on the eyes of two nymphalid butterfly species (Nymphalis antiopa and Polygonia interrogationis) are analyzed in terms of nipple arrangements and associated defects. The nipple arrays in both species have close-packed hexagonal lattices with lattice parameters of about 200 nm. The most abundant defects observed are 5-7(More)
In this study the highly ordered corneal nanonipple structure observed on the Mourning Cloak butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa) is analyzed with a particular emphasis on the high-angle grain-boundary-like defects that are observed between individual nanonipple crystals. It is shown that these grain boundaries are generated by rows of topological coordination(More)
Corneal nano-nipple structures consisting of hexagonally arranged protrusions with diameters around 200 nm have long been known for their antireflection capability and have served as biological blueprint for solar cell, optical lens and other surface designs. However, little is known about the global arrangement of these nipples on the ommatidial surface(More)
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