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There are many diierences between ATM and todays most commonly used network technologies. New rewall architectures are required to exploit the advantages of ATM technology and to support the high throughput available in ATM networks. This paper begins with a discussion of the impact of ATM on rewalls and then introduces the idea of parallelized rewalls,(More)
The growing trend towards commercialization of the Internet requires major security enhancements. To protect against the numerous attacks that are being witnessed by Computer Emergency Response Teams like DFN-CERT, many commercial sites seek security behind rewalls. Security problems in TCP/IP have been well-known for a long time. The IETF (Internet(More)
This paper discusses some security issues of`Clas-sical IP over ATM' networks. After analyzing new threats to IP networks based on ATM, security mechanisms to protect these networks are introduced. The integration of rewalls into ATM networks requires additional considerations. We conclude that careful connguration of ATM switches and ATM services can(More)
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